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Family Dentistry – Denver, CO

Protecting & Enhancing Your Family’s Health & Wellbeing

Mother father and child smiling after family dentistry

The key to a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime is routine preventive dental care. With bi-annual checkups and cleanings, oral cancer screenings, and protective methods to keep your teeth from becoming damaged due to bad oral habits, our team’s goal is to keep you out of discomfort and preserve your natural smile. Dr. Soltani and our team strive to provide family dentistry in Denver, CO with a gentle and caring touch, so our dental office feels more like a spa than a dental office, taking the edge off of the traditional patient experience.

Why Choose Paradise Dentistry & Orthodontics for Family Dentistry?

  • A Comfortable, Serene Dental Office
  • Dentist with 17+ Years of Experience
  • We See Patients of All Ages

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Woman smiling during dental checkup and teeth cleaning visit

The American Dental Association recommends that patients visit their dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning. During these appointments, our team will take X-rays to view the area of your mouth that lies below your gums as well as conduct a thorough visual and tactile examination of your teeth and gums. If we spot anything to be concerned about, we’ll let you know and walk you through our treatment recommendations. Finally, we’ll clean and polish your teeth, leaving your smile feeling refreshed and healthy.

Oral Cancer Screening

Dental team member performing oral cancer screening

Oral cancer can be deadly if it’s not caught in its earliest stages, and we want to ensure our patients’ health, which is why we will perform a screening at each of your checkups. During these, we’ll carefully examine your lips, throat, and oral tissues in search of common signs of the disease, such as red and white rough patches on the inside of the cheeks. If we spot anything that looks suspicious, we’ll refer you for a biopsy and additional testing to ensure a quick diagnosis.

Nightguards for Teeth Grinding

Clear nightguard for teeth grinding

Do you wake up with neck pain or sore jaw joints? Have you noticed that your molars look flat and ground-down? These are common signs of a condition called bruxism, or unconscious grinding and clenching of your teeth. To make sure that you don’t wake up with a broken or fractured tooth and to preserve your enamel, Dr. Soltani offers customized nightguards made from a durable, protective acrylic. Because they’re custom-fitted to your dental structure, they’re comfortable to sleep with and offer maximum protection.